France evokes a possible end of the vaccine pass from end of March, beginning of April

Eva Deschamps  / February 10, 2022

France believes that there are reasons to hope that at the end of March-beginning of April we can lift the vaccine pass, due to the improvement of the health situation, said Wednesday the French government spokesman Gabriel Attal. The level of hospitalized people remains very high, higher than the record we had in the spring of 2020, but in the projections we make (...), there are reasons to hope that at this time horizon the situation will have improved enough for us to be able to lift these final measures, he estimated. On the front of the contaminations, the frank fall, we are there, added the spokesman.
Alain Fischer, president of the Vaccine Strategy Advisory Board, said on Wednesday in front of the Senate that a lifting of the vaccine pass was possible by the end of March or early April if a series of conditions were met. From a scientific and medical point of view, we need a reduced incidence rate, we are at 2,500. Reduced means much less, at least 10 or 20 times less, but there are elements of context, giving you a figure would not make sense, he said.
He also spoke of the need for the current hospital overload to disappear, for hospitals to return to a state of normal operation and for non-Covid patients to be treated without delay. There is also a need for high booster vaccination coverage, he said.
Alain Fischer emphasized that the foresight exercise was a fragile field, but according to him it can go pretty fast, because the incidence decreases pretty fast.
Gabriel Attal agreed, indicating that the vaccine pass would be lifted as soon as the situation in the hospital is normalized, that is to say that there will no longer be a hospital under very high tension because of Covid. The number of deaths in France since the beginning of the epidemic was 133,614 as of Tuesday evening. More than 80% of the total population has received at least one injection of vaccine, while 78.5% is fully vaccinated with two doses.
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