Coronavirus: imminent state of health emergency in France, except for certain measures

Steph Deschamps / June 10, 2020

Coronavirus: imminent state of health emergency in France, except for certain measures

According to our sources, the government has decided not to extend the state of health emergency beyond July 10. But he is preparing a bill incorporating some of its provisions, which will allow him to restrict freedoms beyond this date.

Macronists will see a new demonstration of the “at the same time” of their champion. The opposition further attacked the freedoms of a desperate executive. According to our information, the government has decided not to extend beyond July 10 the state of health emergency, implemented on March 23 to fight the epidemic of Covid-19 and extended on May 11 for a period two months. But a new bill incorporating a number of its provisions will be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday June 10, before being examined from June 17 in the National Assembly and then in the Senate.

"Given the positive development of the health situation at this stage, the government wishes to put an end to the state of health emergency, which must remain an emergency regime. However, this outing (…) must be organized rigorously and gradually, in order to continue to protect the French in the face of a virus which is still circulating in France, and can justify in the weeks or months to come the pursuit or even, if necessary, the reinforcement of certain measures currently in force, ”one explains to Matignon.

Restrict freedoms until November 10

Concretely, this new bill, which was still under consideration at the State Council on Tuesday, will allow Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to restrict freedoms beyond July 10, and this for a period of four months. According to the elements transmitted by Matignon, the executive may in particular, if it considers it necessary, "regulate or prohibit the movement of people and vehicles", as well as "access to means of transport and the conditions of their use " The obligation to wear a mask in public transport, currently in force, could in particular be extended.

Similarly, this text will give the Prime Minister "the possibility of ordering the temporary closure and of regulating the opening, including the conditions of access and presence, of one or more categories of establishments open to the public as well as meeting places with a maximum gauge, ”we tell Matignon. This measure could notably apply to performance halls, restaurants, cinemas, convention centers, shopping centers, etc. "People's access to essential goods and services" should nevertheless be guaranteed, the text says.

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