(COVID-19) Tunisia totals 1,045 confirmed cases including 47 deaths

Tunisia totals 1,045 confirmed cases of COVID-19, after a new positive case detected in the last 24 hours, following 1,234 screening tests, announced on Wednesday evening Tunisian Ministry of HealthIn its daily epidemiological assessment, the same source confirmed that the number of deaths remains unchanged, ie 47 deaths linked to the coronavirus.

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The balance sheet shows 862 cases of cure, 136 patients still carrying the virus, including three hospitalized and a total of 43,723 screening tests since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country, on March 2, the date of the first imported case.

Earlier in the afternoon, the head of the Tunisian government Elyes Fakhfakh addressed his compatriots in a televised speech, during which he took stock of the socio-economic situation of his country since his accession to the prime minister last February.

"The government is facing the most serious crisis that humanity has ever known, the (new) coronavirus pandemic that has overturned health systems in large countries," he said.

Sands wasting time on secondary issues, "(...) we have focused all the attention around the health of the citizens, their food and their work, and provided the people with the support they needed," said Mr. Fakhfakh. End


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