How to explode your traffic on your blog?

 You spent several days writing on your blog and improving the quality of your texts. The time has finally come to market your blog to the general public, but you have no idea how to make your blog more visible on search engines. Here is some information that will help you promote your blog.

Use of header tags

First and foremost, it is important that you know what is a header tag? Heading tags are the different titles of an article. They are distributed from the h1 to h6 tag and each HTML document can contain one or more h1 to h6 titles.

Header tags are of utmost importance in the visibility of your blog. Because they improve the structure and reading of your different articles. Likewise, they improve the SEO of your blog and therefore the visibility of the latter.

So do not hesitate to use the header tags in your various articles. However, you should avoid using them haphazardly. Your header tags must be specific and relevant in order to impact search engines.

Indeed, for the SEO of your blog, search engines take into account the h1 tags of your texts more than the other head tags. This would mean that the more titles you have from h2 to h6, the less your content is considered by search engines.

It is therefore important to know how to use the header tags carefully for good visibility of your blog.

Have backlinks for better visibility of your blog

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When writing your texts, you can work on the external links called “backlinks”. In effect, backlinking is a link on the page of another site that redirects readers to your blog. This allows you to attract more people to your blog and also influence the SEO of your site. An easy and simple technique to increase the visibility of your blog.

You have two options to use this technique: the natural way or the Netlinking strategy.

We talk about a natural backlink when a reader who likes the content of your site decides to advertise you for free by linking to your blog.

Netlinking’s strategy is to obtain links from quality external sites without any compensation in return. Using netlinking to increase blog visibility is a good idea, but for it to be natural and lasting over time you should follow a few steps.

First of all, it is important that the domain names of your backlinks have an impact and have a good SEO. Then you will have to have several links, the more external links you have, the more your site will be taken into account by search engines.

It is important that you make sure to include links that are relevant to your theme so there will be perfect logic and the backlink will be natural. The source pages from which the external links come must have a strong PageRank. In addition, your links that send to another site must use the <a href> tag.

Post comments in blogs that cover the same topics as yours

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Knowing about sites that are doing things similar to you is a good way to market your blog. Indeed, you can post comments on these different sites while inserting a link that redirects the web users of the page to your blog.

You give readers the opportunity to discover other information on the topic by visiting your site. This technique is simple and natural, it allows you to improve the visibility of your content on the net and attract Internet users to your blog.

Advertise your blog through social networks

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In our era, there are several social networks on the internet. Social networks have thousands of users for example, Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world.

So you can reach a huge audience on this platform. The best place to advertise your blog.

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