Young influencer dies in tragic skydiving accident

Sylvie Claire / September 7, 2022

She was only 21 years old. Toronto-based influencer Tanya Pardazi lost her life after skydiving.
The terrible drama occurred this Saturday, August 27. The influencer, Tanya Pardazi, lost her life following a skydiving accident. The 21-year-old had just finished her first course with the Skydive Toronto team in Ontario.
According to skydiving professionals, this was Tanya's first time launching herself into the void. Tanya had learned to land safely, but apparently delayed opening her parachute, which would have been fatal. She was rushed to the hospital and died of her injuries.
Tanya Pardazi was very famous on the social network TikTok, where she had no less than 100,000 followers. The young woman, who had also participated in the election of Miss Canada, expressed herself on a wide range of topics, from makeup to skydiving, as was the case in one of his last videos.
Tanya Pardazi's funeral was held last week. We all wore white, because she was an angel. I think it was a fitting thing to do, something unique, like Tanya was. She was different, kind, really, Melody Ozgoli further explained. The police have opened an investigation to establish the exact cause of the accident. 
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