Why David Guetta broke up with Jessica Ledon after 7 years together

Sylvie Claire / October 28, 2022

David Guetta broke up with Jessica Ledon after seven years together. The 54-year-old DJ and the 30-year-old actress would have ended their romance because their lifestyles were no longer "compatible", according to several relatives. Jessica lives in the United States while David lives in Ibiza.


The couple had started dating in 2015. Last year, it had been reported that David had given the brunette beauty a promise ring instead of an engagement ring, as he "no longer believed in marriage."


"They have so much history together. They thought they were meant for each other, but it didn't work out," a source revealed to the Daily Mail.


Some people around them are holding out hope that David and Jessica could one day rekindle their romance.


Jessica alluded to their split in a social media post last August while sipping a cocktail at a party with friends. The actress wrote on Instagram, "Entering a new era and it's shameless, full of conviction.

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