Vladimir Putin: father of two boys born in secret? The rumor becomes clearer

Eva Deschamps / May 3, 2022

The information was disclosed in a report by the Daily Mail published this Sunday, May 1. Putin would be the father of two boys born from his union with Alina Kabaeva. For a long time now, rumors about these two children have been going around.
It would not be twins as some may have suggested. The first boy would have come into the world in 2015 in Switzerland. As for the second, he would have been born in Moscow in 2019.
The source of this very secret information would be a personal friend of Kabaeva who knows the obstetrician gynecologist who gave birth to the former athlete. It would be a Soviet doctor who has been living in Switzerland for a long time and has been a friend of the Russian president for about thirty years.
According to the source, the relationship with the young gymnast already existed before the birth of these two children. Officially divorced from Lyudmila Alexandrovna Ocheretnaya since 2014, Vladimir Putin has always denied the existence of this relationship outside marriage. An affair that would have started in the early 2000s. However, this information has never been made official. The mystery is far from being solved, as the Russian head of state is fiercely careful to keep his secrets.
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