Victim of sexual harassment, this "Stranger Things" actress decides to step away from filming

Sylvie Claire / March 12, 2023

She was one of the revelations of season 4 of "Stranger Things", with her character Chrissy, and the potential romance she could have had with the darling of the season, Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn. Despite this positive experience, which could have been a career gas pedal, Grave van Dien has just announced to her fans that she plans to step away from the film sets for a while. Live on the social network Twitch, the actress confided that she had several experiences of sexual harassment, which made her reconsider her career choices. "I've turned down four movies in the last two and a half weeks. I saw that some people were angry at me for making this decision, but the last projects I worked on did not go well," she began. She then recounted a particularly disappointing real-life example: "In one of the last movies I did, one of the producers hired a girl he was sleeping with and asked her to have a threesome with them. He was my boss. I refused and cried. I was so upset. »
The 26-year-old goes on to say that she informed the management team of the incident. "It was a very difficult moment. We cried a lot on this shoot," she said. The one who is also the daughter of the star actor of the '90s, Casper Van Dien, answered the questions of some of her Twitch subscribers, who asked her why she thought that streaming was better for her mental health. "Like this, I can stay home and play video games without my boss asking me to sleep with him," she said.
The actress finally assured that she feels happy on the social network, and that she plans to develop her own projects there. "I hope that someone will decide to finance them, because then I can control my own set and I will not ask my actors to sleep with me." she concluded. After receiving several messages of support from concerned fans, Grace Van Dien wanted to publish a reassuring tweet, explaining: "With age, my professional priorities change. I'm waiting for the right project and the right people to work with. It's nice to feel calm. »
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