Travis Barker, Blink-182, flies again for the first time 13 years after surviving a fatal crash

Steph Deschamps / August 16, 2021

Travis Barker, the drummer of the band Blink-182, had a memorable day this Saturday he flew for the first time after surviving a fatal crash 13 years ago that killed 4 people and left him with third-degree burns on 65% of his body.
It is the news site TMZ that shares this information and photos of the musician with a livid face as he boards the private jet. Travis Barker and his famous girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian can be seen boarding a plane in Los Angeles to reach the resort of the stars Cabo .
It must have been a terrifying moment for the Blink-182 drummer who had sworn never to fly again after the crash that took the lives of 2 close friends, Charles Che Still and Chris Baker, as well as the 2 pilots.
DJ AM also survived the crash but died a year later from an overdose.
Travis showed up on the tarmac an hour later than the other passengers on the plane. Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble were also on the trip.
Years before his plane crash, Travis had repeatedly confessed to being terrified of flying. Just before boarding the jet in which he crashed in 2008, he called his father and told him he had a bad feeling about the flight.
Since then Travis had sworn never to fly again. He recently softened his stance and said he might try again for the love of his famous girlfriend.


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