Thomas Pesquet considered by two French presidential candidates for their future government

Sylvie Claire / March 13, 2022

It's not every day that these two presidential candidates agree, so it's worth noting.
This Saturday, March 12, Yannick Jadot, green candidate, was invited to the JT of 13h. Asked about concrete measures if he became president of the Republic, Yannick Jadot said he would massively install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of schools, on the roofs of parking lots, on the roofs of supermarkets, with French channels.
It is employment, it is a cheap electricity which avoids us the dependence on Russian gas, and then it is purchasing power for the French women and men. Before slipping in that this personality particularly appreciated by the French (and not only) that he would like to see in his government: I would like Thomas Pesquet to join an ecologist government and to be a great minister of research, and to mobilize all energies to care for the blue planet, to take care of it, and to mobilize research, companies, all the actors of society who want to protect our little blue planet, which needs it so much. 
This desire echoes that expressed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of the France insoumise, on the same TV set. He had then indicated that he would integrate the astronaut in his possible future government. He is certainly one of the French who is the most aware that there is only one ecosystem and one human people, had justified the Insoumis. Answer of the concerned questioned by Yann Barthes: No, it is not planned I have work at the European Space Agency for the next few years, so it is not part of my agenda.
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