This TOP SECRET detail about the dress Lady Gaga wore to Joe Biden's inauguration

Eva Deschamps / November 9, 2021

Singer Lady Gaga revealed in Vogue magazine a well-kept secret about the dress she wore to the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden that took place last January. Lady Gaga revealed that she actually wore a bulletproof dress to sing on January 20, 2021.
The 35-year-old superstar talked about the fact that for her it was necessary to take extra precautions after the Capitol insurrection and talked about the fear she felt when Donald Trump was president.
Calling her performance at the presidential inauguration one of the proudest days of her life she revealed that the stunning navy and red dress she wore, which was made by Schiaparelli, was ready for anything. It is one of the singer's favorite dresses.
Lady Gaga also mentioned the golden dove that decorated her dress and is a symbol of peace: When I saw this golden dove, I immediately knew it was the perfect piece, she said.
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