This Australian, convinced he is the secret child of Charles and Camilla, wants to reveal his existence and his secret upbringing in a Netflix series

Steph Deschamps / October 7, 2022

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, a 56-year-old Australian, who claims to be the secret child of Charles and Camilla intends to reveal his existence in a Netflix series and send shock waves through the British monarchy.
This man claims to be the secret child of King Charles III and Camilla, conceived in 1966 at the beginning of their love story. 
Approached by numerous media outlets since his presumed biological father ascended the throne, Simon Charles wants to be the subject of a Netflix documentary and plans to reveal his secret upbringing.
The 56-year-old, who lives in Queensland, Australia, was born in Gosport, on the south coast of England, in 1966 and was adopted by a local couple.
The father of nine says his adoptive grandparents, who had both worked in the royal household, told him he was the only child of the King and Queen Consort.
Simon Charles Dorante-Day says he has been approached by "leading" documentary filmmakers in the UK and US about his claims - which he says are the result of years of research.
He claims that his research shows that the couple met in 1965, a year before he was born, and kept the existence of Camilla's pregnancy secret with the help of the royal household.
However, his claims are disputed, as it is widely reported that Charles and Camilla met at a polo match at Windsor Great Park in 1970, the Daily Mail maintains.
Mr. Dorante-Day has spoken for many years of his desire to be recognized by his presumed biological parents. He wants the royal family to undergo a DNA test to prove his genetic heritage.
He now hopes that streaming giant Netflix will tell his story in a documentary - a move he believes could put pressure on Buckingham Palace to meet his demands. 
Speaking to 7News in Australia about his desire to work with Netflix, the creators of the drama series "The Crown," he said, "I've been inundated in the last few weeks by many documentary filmmakers and film companies wanting to share my story. I didn't expect that to happen - but I'm glad it did. I'm considering their offers."
"Ultimately, I'd like to see my story on Netflix, or a similar streaming platform, and I'll contact them about making it," he concludes.
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