This 4.5 million dollar folly that Kanye West bought for himself is likely to piss off Kim Kardashian

Steph Deschamps / December 28, 2021

Kanye West is definitely ready to do anything to try to get his ex back. Kim Kardashian is however in perfect love with her new companion of 28 years, Pete Davidson. The couple has recently taken another important step. But this does not stop Kanye West. 
The American rapper would obviously not have turned the page on his relationship with the mother of his 4 children. And, although Kim would like their relationship to be friendly, for now, it remains complicated. That's why the American star did not want him to come to the Christmas dinner. Kim would like to remain friends with Kanye because he remains the father of her children, said a source close to the couple to The Sun. But she's completely moved on and unfortunately he hasn't. He is welcome at the clan's Christmas party because he is part of the family and Kim has every intention of keeping a good relationship with him for their children. However, she doesn't want there to be any tension. So she would prefer that he not come. At the moment, she doesn't get along with him at all and they even have trouble being in the same room. She is well aware that it could be embarrassing if Pete comes too. She really hopes Kanye comes to his senses because she's sure their marriage is long over. She just wants to move on from here, a close source told The Sun.
Kim Kardashian may however be disappointed when she learns the folly of 4.5 million dollars that his ex has offered Kanye West has indeed bought a new house in Malibu but not just anywhere! According to The Daily Mail, this new home would be across the street from Kim.


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