The Tinder scammer wants to take advantage of the success of the documentary about him to launch projects

Steph Deschamps / February 16, 2022

It takes more to stop Simon Leviev. This 31-year-old Israeli has been a runaway success, despite the harm he has done around him. He is the subject of the documentary The Tinder Scammer released on the Netflix platform. Love scam and embezzlement, we discover in this program how Simon Leviev proceeded to scam dozens of women via the dating app Tinder.
For this, the young man was sentenced to five months in prison and is now known around the world - not necessarily in his best light. He would like, according to the American celebrity site TMZ, to remake his image.
In a dedicated article, a person close to the hustler said that Simon Leviev would like to write a book, create a podcast of tips on how to use dating sites (properly) but also launch a show where women would try to seduce him, like The Bachelor.
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