The Obamas produce a movie: Julia Roberts stars in their new thriller

Eva Deschamps / October 7, 2023

America's mythical couple, the Obamas, take on a new challenge: producing a horror film.
For this premiere, they drew inspiration from the novel of the same name "The World After Us" by Rumaan Alam. The Obama adaptation features such Hollywood stars as Ethan Hawke, Kevin Bacon and Julia Roberts.
Synopsis: A couple rent a house for a weekend. Suddenly, the owners appear and ask for refuge. An impending catastrophe awaits them.
The film is based on an instinctive fear of the human race, "the fear of the unknown". The director explains that, "after going through the pandemic and then a wide range of other catastrophic events like global warming and the heat wave we experienced this summer, it's the unknown - and the fear of the unknown -" that they tried to recreate in this film.
According to Variety magazine, this is the first-ever feature film produced by the Obamas and their company Higher Ground. Since 2018, the couple had already been involved in the creation of series and documentaries such as National Parks: these wonders of the world or Working: spending your life earning it.


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