The horror for Lady Gaga: the walker of her dogs is shot four times, two animals stolen

Steph Deschamps / February 25, 2021



The walker is currently in a critical condition.


A day of horror for Lady Gaga who experienced a double drama while far from home. Currently in Rome to shoot a film, the star of the song had entrusted her dogs to Ryan Fischer, a dog-sitter. But the walk went very badly as the man was shot four times in the middle of the street in West Hollywood.


The kidnappers took away two of the three dogs the man was walking, leaving the man in critical condition. Two male bulldogs were then stolen and the kidnappers fled in a white BMW.


The Daily Mail points out that, in a heroic attempt, Ryan Fischer tried to hold on to the dogs so they wouldn't get caught.


A targeted attack? Difficult to say even if this breed of dog sells, on average, between 1.500 and 3.000 dollars. But they are not just any French bulldogs since they belong to a star. Did the kidnappers know this? The question remains but given that Lady Gaga offers 500.000 dollars to get back her two dogs without asking any questions, it's hard to believe in chance. 

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