The French youtuber MavaChou was found dead at her home

Steph Deschamps / December 24, 2021

Popular YouTube figure since 2015, MavaChou was found dead in her home this Wednesday, December 22. Some media outlets say she was 27 years old, others say she was 32. One thing is for sure, she was a loving mom to her four children. It is her best friend, Marion, who announced the sad news on social networks. I am sorry to announce the death of Maëva, which occurred late yesterday, she wrote on Facebook. She also asked the youtuber's community to respect her family by not trying to find out more. This is only her loved ones' business, she added, not revealing the circumstances of the tragedy.
On this Christmas Eve, the young woman asks the fans of the youtuber to have a thought for her and especially for her children. Maëva, I will miss you. I loved you, I love you and I will love you forever. You are part of me forever. Goodbye my darling. You are at peace now.
MavaChou, aka Maeva lived in the Grand-Est, with her large family, consisting of four children. On social networks, she shared since 2015 videos of her family. Dynamic and athletic, she had participated in the reality show We exchanged our moms.
Followed by more than 78,000 followers on Instagram, the young mother was a victim of cyberstalking, since the beginning of her fame. But this phenomenon has intensified in recent months, going so far as to take excessive propensities. Anonymous calls are made to the school of the four children, aged 5 to 10 years. Internet users spy on the mother's home. They photograph the youtuber in her vehicle parked in front of her garage and they post the images on the Internet, reported Le Parisien last March. Asked during her last vlog on December 15 about her repeated absences, MavaChou confided that it was not the great form There are days when it will go very well and others when it will go very badly. That's why sometimes I'll smile a lot and sometimes I'll back off from social media a little bit.
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