The French voice of the Breaking Bad hero and Malcolm's father has passed away

Eva Deschamps / March 29, 2022

Jean-Louis Faure, well known to fans of the series Malcolm and Breaking Bad, and who dubbed the voice of American actor Bryan Cranston in French, has died.
Behind the voice, a face and a career. Jean-Louis Faure was one of the most recognizable understudies of television for a whole generation of series fans. He has indeed followed the career and has been the French voice of Bryan Cranston, who plays Walt White, the hero of Breaking Bad, and Hal, the father in Malcom.
He has also lent his voice to the series Six Feet Under and Game of Thrones.
Jean-Louis Faure passed away this Sunday, March 27. He was 65 years old.
he brought a magic to Bryan Cranston's voice as (very) few can do...
I admired his work on Breaking Bad, which will remain one of the most beautiful VF…
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