The actress Angela Lansbury, star of the series Arabesque, died

Sylvie Claire / October 12, 2022

The American-British actress Angela Lansbury, known for her role as a stainless steel granny-detective in the series "Arabesque", died at the age of 96, her family announced Tuesday to American media.
The actress "died peacefully in her sleep at home in Los Angeles (...), five days just before her 97th birthday," said her family.
The American series "Arabesque", in which she played a petulant author of detective novels able to convert into an amateur detective in her spare time, had earned her four of her six Golden Globes.
The actress, who had appeared in numerous musicals and more than sixty films since the 1940s, had also received an honorary Oscar for her career in 2014.
She leaves behind three children, three grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, as well as her brother, according to the release. Her husband, British actor Peter Shaw, had died in 2003.
"A private family ceremony will be held at a date to be determined," her family added in the release.
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