Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn got engaged in the greatest secrecy

Sylvie Claire / June 2, 2022

Here is a news that should delight Taylor Swift fans. According to the information of the British tabloid The Sun, the 32-year-old singer and her partner Joe Alwyn got engaged in the greatest of secrets. A person close to the couple said that the actor had given a ring to his girlfriend, which she wears only in private.
Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very much in love. They have been engaged for a few months but have only told a few people in their close circle, which is family and some old friends. Each had to swear they would keep it a secret, says this source. Taylor has a beautiful ring but she only wears it at home. Again, only a few people know the details of the wedding, and Taylor hasn't told some of her team members about her engagement yet. Do they want their love to stay as far away from the cameras as possible? When they get married, it won't be in magazines like Vogue. It will be both simple and elegant, like them, she continues.
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been in a relationship since October 2016. Very discreet, the two lovebirds have only made a few rare public appearances in recent years.
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