Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp Comes Out as Gay: ‘I’m More Similar to Will Than I Thought’

Sylvie Claire / January 6, 2023

"Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp (18) has come out. The actor posted a video on TikTok Thursday afternoon (local time) in which he reveals his sexual orientation - and his family's reaction. 
In the 8-second video, the 18-year-old syncs an audio clip with the words, "You know what it was never? So serious. It's never been this serious. Honestly, it's never going to be this serious." It sounds a bit cryptic, but he provides the explanation right away: his exit.

Of the video, Schnapp wrote, "When I finally told my friends and family that I was gay after 18 years of fear in the closet, all they said was, 'We know.'"
Captioning the clip, the actor said, "I guess I look more like Will than I thought" - referring to his alter ego on the Netflix series, Will Byers.
For years, Stranger Things fans have speculated that Will Byers is gay. Because it's obvious in the show that he has a crush on Mike Wheeler (played by Finn Wolfhard). It seems that Schnapp is now confirming the fans' theory with his exit.
In July, the Canada-U.S. Actor interviewed by "Variety" about the sexual orientation of his character and confirmed that the teenager has romantic feelings for his best friend Mike.
Obviously, that was hinted at in the first season: it was always kind of there, but you never really knew: 'Is he just growing up slower than his friends?'" Schnapp told the industry publication. "Now that he's gotten older, they've made it a very real and obvious thing. Now it's 100 percent clear that he's gay and that he loves Mike. »
It remains to be seen who the actor gave his heart to in real life.
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