Son of boxer Chris Eubank dies tragically at age 29

Eva Deschamps / July 14, 2021

Sebastian, the son of boxing icon Chris Eubank, died of a heart attack while in Dubai, his wife Salma Abdelati announced.
The boxer and MMA fighter was found dead on a beach near his home in the United Arab Emirates on Friday - just days before celebrating his 30th birthday, reveals the Daily Mirror.
Grieving widow Salma Abdelati said Tuesday that Sebastian, a Brighton native, died of a sudden heart attack.
She said a full autopsy revealed that her husband could not be saved and was likely living with a pre-existing heart condition that he and his family did not know about.
She continued, Although it is still very painful, it is comforting to think that Sebastian passed away after having one of his favorite meals with one of his closest friends while doing his favorite activity at his favorite place in Dubai where he often went swimming.
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