Simon Leviev, the Tinder Scammer, sued by the Leviev diamond family

Steph Deschamps / March 2, 2022

No, Simon Leviev, the subject of the Netflix documentary The Tinder Grifter, has nothing to do with the family of Lev Leviev, the Israeli billionaire diamond dealer whose Tinder Grifter. It was, however, one of the many lures used by the scammer to lure young women into his nets before ruining them. One more lie to the already long list of Simon Leviev.
The real diamond family decided to sue him, claiming that he defrauded, cheated, swindled, falsified and injured women, men and companies by usurping his Leviev membership.
For a long time, Simon has been misrepresenting himself as Lev Leviev's son and receiving numerous benefits (including material), cunningly and using false words, claiming to be a member of the Leviev family, and that his family will pay for and bear the costs of his benefits, reports Page Six, which was able to view the court documents.
According to the family's lawyer, this would be one of many complaints that exist against the Tinder Scammer.
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