Simon Leviev, the Tinder Scammer, in turn scammed on Instagram

Steph Deschamps / March 7, 2022

This is the story of the sprinkler being sprinkled. Simon Leviev is the subject of the Netflix documentary The Tinder Scammer. In this program, women testify about the scams they were victims of and Simon Leviev is the author. Through the famous dating application, the Israeli would actually get money from his targets by inventing completely romantic situations.. These well-trained schemes allowed him to embezzle millions of dollars.
Condemned for this, Simon Leviev is now out of prison and he intends to build on the buzz that the documentary is experiencing.
But other souls intend to take their revenge on the most famous scammer of the year. On Thursday, March 3, Simon Leviev was approached on Instagram by an account that allowed him to have his profile certified - in order to officially attest to it in the face of the many fake accounts that have sprung up lately.
People close to the situation told the American magazine TMZ that the stalker's account was posing as a collaborator of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg's company that owns Facebook and Instagram, and demanded 6000 dollars to have his account certified*. Simon Leviev, more gullible than one would have thought, went along and gave the requested amount without hesitation. Not much compared to the millions stolen, but still better than nothing...
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