Riverdale actor reportedly confirmed Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Break Up

Skeet Ulrich gave a disturbing answer to a fan who asked him if he thought Cole and Lili were a beautiful couple.


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Skeet of course plays FP Jones, Jughead's dad, in Riverdale. The 50-year-old actor did a live Instagram a few days ago with his girlfriend, model Megan Blake Irwin.


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The couple were enjoying the sun in the pool, and answering questions from fans on Instagram.

Skeet read a question asking "Do you think Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are a beautiful couple?". Skeet then responded by saying "I think they were a very beautiful couple!"

His girlfriend then adds by repeating the word “were!”, Thus confirming that it would be a story from the past.

 Without confirmation from key stakeholders, it is difficult to know if Skeet and his girlfriend are right.

However, the fact that Lili and Cole are not in confinement together had already started the rumors, Skeet's statement only adds fuel to the fire.

Lili would have stayed in Vancouver where she spends time with her dog and in nature, while Cole is in Los Angeles where he grows a strange mustache and he "rocks" his natural blonde hair.


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The last time we heard from Lili and Cole was when Cole denied rumors of infidelity and Lili came to his defense. This story seemed to indicate that they were still a couple, but nothing is certain!

 We are going to follow this story very closely but, knowing Lili and Cole and their discretion on social networks, we will not have a clear confirmation soon.



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