Rihanna pregnant: girl or boy? This clue that suggests the sex of the baby

Sylvie Claire / March 18, 2022

Rihanna, 33, is currently pregnant with her first child. If the sex of the baby has not yet been officially revealed, several clues already suggest that it would be a girl. Recently, the billionaire singer was spotted shopping for her future newborn and she was seen with a little orange dress in her hand.
It is no longer a secret for anyone, Rihanna announced last February that she was pregnant with her first child. Since the announcement, she does not hesitate to share pictures of her rounded belly but she still has not officially revealed the sex of the newborn.
Several clues suggest that the 33-year-old singer is expecting... a baby girl with rapper A$AP Rocky. RiRi was indeed seen in the middle of a shopping session, we can see her looking at the clothes for girls and catching a little orange dress.
In early February, Rihanna had also posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account, dressed in a long pink coat and revealing her baby bump. The color of this garment was perceived as an indication of the sex of her baby.
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