Prince William turns 40 this Tuesday and prepares to take over

Sylvie Claire / June 20, 2022

Second in the order of succession to the throne, many dream of seeing the forty-year-old become king.
Prince William is preparing to celebrate his 40th birthday this Tuesday. Second in the order of succession to the throne, 66% of Britons hope to see him succeed Queen Elizabeth II in place of Charles, according to the YouGov Institute. He, this prince who hopes to reconcile modernity and tradition.
And if he knows he can not take office tomorrow, the Duke of Cambridge is preparing for it. For the past few months, Prince William has been assisting his father Charles in public appearances when the Queen does not feel up to it.
Soon, William will move with his family to a four-bedroom cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, home of Elizabeth II. A significant transition for analysts.
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