Porsche McGregor-Sims, model and actress, dies at the age of 27

Sylvie Claire / January 9, 2022

Porsche Pops McGregor-Sims, model, actress, died at the age of 27 years while her uterine cancer had been diagnosed the day before. The young woman presented several symptoms for several months: bleeding and abdominal pain. But her gynecologist had not considered it necessary to carry out physical examinations of the patient, believing that these symptoms were due to hormonal symptoms. A vaginal smear of the model showed no abnormalities, but it was from 2017.
Fiona Hawke, the mother of McGregor-Sims, now questions the competence of the gynecologist who took care of her daughter. She denounces the fact that no physical examination was undertaken while her daughter was bleeding. You didn't do the most basic, fundamental thing which is to do an examination, she lamented. You focused on her IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and another type of bleeding and that doesn't make sense to me, she continued.
The fairly specific nature of her bleeding made me think that the risk of cervical cancer was low, the gynecologist replied. I thought there were a significant number of potential causes for her pain, he further related. The doctor finally apologized to the family, saying he was very sorry.
Cervical cancer is responsible for nearly 190 deaths per year, according to the Cancer Foundation. It is considered that nearly 90% of these deaths could be avoided through regular screening. Indeed, this type of cancer develops progressively, from lesions known as precancerous. Routine Pap smears allow early detection and treatment of suspicious lesions. A vaccine is now available to protect against this cancer.
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