Paul Walker's daughter Meadow got married: Vin Diesel walked her down the aisle

Steph Deschamps / October 23, 2021

Meadow Walker has married actor Louis Thornton-Allan. The daughter of the late actor Paul Walker announced the happy news on her Instagram account. A photo shows her walking down the aisle, on the arm of Vin Diesel. Her godfather whom she considers a second father.
A few months after the announcement of her engagement, Meadow Walker got married to actor Louis Thornton-Allant on a beach paradise. At 22 years old, Paul Walker's daughter announced the happy news on her Instagram account, sharing some shots of this beautiful moment and even a video.
On one of the pictures, we can see her walking towards the altar on the arm of Vin Diesel. A role usually reserved for the father it says a lot about the relationship between Meadow and the actor of Fast and Furious, who is none other than his godfather. She considers him as a second father.
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