No matter, I'll be dead: J.K. Rowling, accused of transphobia, mocks her heritage

Steph Deschamps / February 22, 2023

I don't spend my day thinking about my legacy and the mark I'm going to leave." The tone is set. The famous novelist doesn't seem to care too much about the consequences of her outings deemed transphobic. It all started because of a tweet from the Harry Potter creator who was ironic about an article about "people who get their periods": "I'm sure we had to have a word for these people. Someone help me. Feum? Famme? Feemm? »
A few words that were enough to shake the J.K. Rowling myth. In the podcast The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling, available from this Tuesday, the main interested party claimed that her words "have been deeply misunderstood." For all that, she says she does not regret the consequences on her legacy: "What a really pompous way to live your life thinking about the trace we will leave. It doesn't matter, I'll be dead. I'm only interested in now. I'm only interested in what's alive. »
She goes even further with this statement about her fans: "They tell me that I could have been loved forever but that it's impossible since what I said. However, I wasn't unhappy to come down from my pedestal. »
Even if she prefers not to pay attention to the sequel, J.K. Rowling has to deal with the current consequences of her bad buzz. She is under regular attack and has even reported receiving death threats.
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