Millionaire rapper 6ix9ine refuses to help his homeless father: He abandoned me at birth

Eva Deschamps / July 5, 2021

Tekashi 6ix9ine has no desire to financially help his biological father, Danny Hernandez Sr, despite the homeless 60-year-old's plea for help, Page Six reveals.


Hernandez, who shares the same name as his famous son, revealed in a video obtained exclusively by Page Six last week that he has been living in a homeless shelter for two years despite Tekashi's fame.


You think he's going to come and give me something, he added. He's given money to other people he gives money to everybody.


But the rapper does not intend to give a penny to his progenitor. The Brooklyn-based artist has already expressed his disappointment with his relationship with his father, whom he only met when he was 9 years old.


Everybody knows I was abandoned at birth. Everybody knows my biological father abandoned me at birth, the 25-year-old rapper told his friend DJ Akademiks on Tuesday.


One of the celebrity snitch's lawyers previously stated that Tekashi's mother, Natividad Perez-Hernandez, kicked Hernandez out after she allegedly caught him using heroin in their bathroom. Right now he's in a shelter smoking crack. The story of me not giving money to a drug addict who abandoned me at birth gets more publicity than the positive stuff. Why? Because it's a tendency to hate me.

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