Miley Cyrus: she confides in us about her identity problems after the Hannah Montana series.

 Steph Deschamps / Mars 9, 2021


Miley Cyrus had a double role in the Hannah Montana series: Miley Stewart, a normal girl by day, and Hannah Montana, a world star by night. This double play had consequences on the young woman's mental health.


The concept of the series is that when you're that character, that alter ego, you're valuable, she explained in the podcast Rock This With Allison Agendorf. You have millions of fans and you're the biggest star in the world. When I was myself, without Hannah's wig, nobody was interested in me anymore, I wasn't a star anymore. That idea was born in my mind 


For Miley Cyrus, then in the midst of her adolescence, the psychological process is complex. If I play a role, I'm a star; if I don't, I don't get noticed. I really had to break that preconception. I think that's why I almost created a very strong version of myself at that time.

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