Miley Cyrus: her private jet struck by lightning in mid-flight, she cancels her concert and shares a clip of the scene from the plane

Steph Deschamps / March 24, 2022

Quite a mishap for Miley Cyrus from her private jet. Fortunately for the singer, it was more fear than harm.
Here is a sequence that will not reassure those who are afraid to fly. The private jet of Miley Cyrus, which was flying to Paraguay, was struck by lightning, and this, in full flight!
The singer revealed in the Disney series Hannah Montana has shared a clip, from his plane. We can see lightning from her window and the impact of lightning on the fuselage.
In the caption, the star wrote: Our plane ran into a totally unexpected storm and was struck by lightning. My team, band and family who were all traveling with me, we are safe and sound and were able to make an emergency landing. Unfortunately we are unable to make it to Paraguay.
Following this event, Miley Cyrus could not be present at the festival Asunciónico where she was expected.
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