Marcia Cross: "I never watched the last episode of 'Desperate Housewives'...and I don't want to. »

Sylvie Claire / March 23, 2023

More than 10 years after the end of the cult series, the interpreter of Bree Van de Kamp created the event at the SériesMania festival. During more than an hour, she evokes her beginnings, her memories, her personal fights. A great moment. We were there. 
When she arrived on stage in Lille on Tuesday night, she was given a rock star's ovation. This is a feeling that today's stars of the series that flood the platforms and the most traditional TV will probably never know. And certainly not a decade after the end of the fiction that would have raised them to the status of icon.
So 10 years ago (May 13, 2012), "Desperate Housewives" came to an end. A heartbreak for millions of viewers around the world, and for Marcia Cross - on whom time seems to have no hold! When "Desperate Housewives" drew the curtain, the redheaded actress admits that she went through two different states. "I was exhausted, because I had done all this, I had given birth to my twins, my husband had cancer for a while too... I crawled to the finish line, physically. But I realize I never watched the last episode. And I still haven't. I don't want to watch it." Shooting that last episode of "Desperate Housewives" was "horrible," she continues. "I remember, we were sitting there with the girls and Marc Cherry (the creator), it was very emotional.
Humble (always) and moved (sometimes) at the time of retracing her career, the interpreter of Bree Van de Kamp also tells that she almost passed by this role become cult, for personal reasons. "First, I said 'I want to be Marie Alice' (the narrator, dead, editor's note). I wanted to start a family and I didn't have a partner at the time. So I was thinking about adopting a baby and that meant I would have to be at home as a single parent." So taking more time away from filming sets. But the creator, Marc Cherry, dedicated her to Bree. "And it changed my life!". Not only his. Those of his sidekicks too, with whom the bond is unbreakable. "We were so happy, so lucky. This is our baby. And we'll stay connected forever.
Eight years have passed between the opening on Wisteria Lane and the end of "Desperate Housewives". Life, with its ups and downs, has taken its toll. Marcia became pregnant with twins while filming - sometimes even from her home, where for medical reasons some sets had been set up - season 3 of the show. Then, a few years after leaving Bree's skin, she was diagnosed with cancer (of the anus). Now she talks about it openly, and in her own elegantly funny way. "What were the odds of me playing the most uptight character in the world and getting a cancer that is the worst you can talk about, that no one wants to hear the name 'anal'? I'm fine, it's been a long time coming. But I wanted to talk about it, I had no choice because people don't know it, don't know the symptoms ».
Lifting taboos, as she did through Bree, the perfect conservative housewife who will end up much more tolerant than at the beginning of the series. Talking about the evolution of the relationship between her character and her son, Andrew, a homosexual (whom she rejects at the beginning), she says she is proud to have carried this speech, to have helped the LGBTQ+ cause. Even though today in the United States, she also laments, there is backsliding on some issues. "We have a lot of issues right now. And we're not talking about garbage cans in the streets... There are serious problems!" she smiles, referring to the state of the streets in a France on strike (and after being caught in the middle of a protest in Paris)…


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