Madonna asks Pope Francis to meet with her to discuss her blasphemous behavior

Sylvie Claire / May 7, 2022

Madonna, who reportedly recently broke up with her young boyfriend, has turned to the Pope with a request to meet. The pop star, known for fetishizing the attributes of the Catholic Church in her work, asked to reconsider the attitude towards her "blasphemous" behavior and said she would like a second chance to make things right.
I am a good Catholic. I swear! Several decades have passed since my last confession. Is it possible to meet sometimes to discuss important matters? I have been excommunicated three times. It doesn't seem right.
Madonna tweeted, adding that now she doesn't even swear.
The Vatican has indeed condemned the Madonna more than once. In 1989, the video Like a Prayer was the first to be broadcast, in which images of flaming crosses flash, and the singer seduces a black Jesus.The video was banned from state television in Italy, it was condemned by the Vatican. Madonna was strongly criticized by the Catholic Church after her scandalous performance in Rome in 2006, during which she was crucified on stage wearing a crown of thorns. Then Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI, declared that the Queen of Pop had gone too far, calling the performance blasphemous.
Crucifying oneself during a concert in the city of popes and martyrs is an act of open hostility. It is a scandal and a provocation. The time will come when this woman will understand that Christ died on the cross and for her, that he shed his blood for her. I feel sorry for her, says the cardinal.
But Madonna was not particularly embarrassed at the time. Already in 2008, she launched another provocation and at the next concert in Rome, she dedicated the song Like a Virgin to Benedict XVI.
I dedicate this song to the Pope because I am a child of God and so are you.
Madonna addressed the 60,000th audience at the stadium.
The current pontiff Francis has not yet responded to Madonna's proposal for a meeting.
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