Mademoiselle Luna announces that she has breast cancer: A news that would turn my life upside down

Sylvie Claire / January 21, 2022

This Thursday night on Instagram, Mademoiselle Luna shared a snapshot and a long message to announce her illness.
It is a sad news that Mademoiselle Luna shared on Instagram. The essential DJ of the parties (and nights) of Radio Contact wrote: Two months ago, I learned a news that would turn my life upside down, a breast cancer. This news was like a bomb because obviously I was not prepared for it at all.
Miss Luna continues, The first thought that crossed my mind was injustice. Why me? It is at this precise moment that one understands that this does not happen only to others. If I decided today to talk about it openly and not to hide anything from you, it's because I want to share with you all my 'positive attitude' towards this disease... Because YES, I am fortunate to be followed by an incredible medical and nursing team at the CHIREC Delta Hospital, I have been put in touch with Think Pink - the national breast cancer organization - which has been supporting everyone affected by the disease from day one and I have the unconditional support of my family, friends and all my colleagues. Also, today, medical research is making so much progress that I can look forward to a hopefully cloudless future.
He continued: I have been living with this disease for two months now and I would like to tell you that life goes on! With moments that are sometimes more difficult but also with beautiful surprises and meetings of wonderful people. The message I would like to convey to you is to take care of yourself, to listen to your body and to get screened by having your mammogram according to the recommendations. If I have succeeded in raising your awareness with this message and my experience, I will have won everything! Because remember, it doesn't just happen to other people.


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