Luc Besson will produce a new film: Dogman will be shot in France and the United States

Steph Deschamps / January 13, 2022

French filmmaker Luc Besson will produce and direct a new film in the spring, starring Caleb Landry Jones, winner of the Best Actor award at the last Cannes Film Festival, announced the specialized media Variety.
The shooting of Dogman will take place mainly in France, as well as in the United States, a spokesman for the director, known on both sides of the Atlantic, told AFP on Wednesday.
Dogman tells the story of a wounded child who heals his wounds with the love of his dogs. The lead role was given to Caleb Landry Jones, who received the Best Actor Award at Cannes for his role as the perpetrator of a mass shooting in Nitram (not yet released in France or the United States).
Director of The Big Blue, The Fifth Element and Lucy with Scarlett Johansson, more than 50 million entries abroad, Luc Besson obtained in December 2021 a dismissal at the end of three and a half years of legal proceedings launched after accusations of rape by the actress Sand Van Roy, which he contested.
Other women had testified to Mediapart of inappropriate gestures or sexual assaults by the man of cinema, facts largely prescribed.
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