Linda Evangelista: her first cover since she was disfigured by a botched surgery

Steph Deschamps / August 25, 2022

The 56 year old Canadian didn't dare to leave her house anymore, since her very unfortunate plastic surgery…
She is undoubtedly one of the icons of the catwalks of the 1990s. Linda Evangelista is the sex symbol of a whole generation. The supermodel was still at the top of her form, a few years ago. But in 2016, the Canadian wiped the slate clean from a completely failed surgery, which literally disfigured her, in her words. She then decided to live out of sight, lurking in the shadows.
Since then, six years have passed and Linda has never dared to reappear on the cover of a magazine... until now. Indeed, the model signs her big return on the cover of British Vogue. If the September issue comes out in a few days, the pictures that will slip in have just been revealed. Luscious mouth, piercing blue eyes : Linda Evangelista takes back confidence in her on this sublime cover…
Wanting to be ultra-transparent on the conditions of this shooting, the top admits that her face, jaw and neck do not look like that in real life. Her features having been drawn with tape and rubber bands. I try to love myself the way I am, but for photos, I think we're here to create fantasies. We're creating dreams. I think that's allowed.
The star does not say for all that cured mentally. She still refuses to look at herself in the mirror and does not allow anyone to touch her body. It must be said that Linda still suffers from paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a rare side effect following an operation supposed to destroy fat cells by cold. Instead of destroying them, it expanded my fat cells, which made me permanently deformed. Despite this, the model tries to love herself as she is. And little by little, she finds her way back to photo shoots. Last month, for example, she posed for the brand Fendi. Her first shooting since her complications.
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