Leonardo DiCaprio and his new girlfriend, Eden Polani: she is 29 years younger than him

Sylvie Claire / February 9, 2023

We knew his taste for very young women. Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, is dating an Israeli model 29 years his junior. According to the British media The Independent, the actor and his new "companion", Eden Polani, would have been seen while they were partying together. Born in 2004, the young model is only 19 years old. This means that she is younger than... Titanic, the film which made known Léonardo DiCaprio.
Surprised but not so surprised, social networks are not really happy about this new romance. For many people, Leonardo DiCaprio flirts with legality.
For others, if the young woman is of age, there is no problem. There are two views of relationships here and no one seems to agree.
Leonardo DiCaprio, famous actor for his many successful films, is also known to love women, very young. The man has never been married. On social networks, many users have had fun to make a statistical table of the age of his girlfriends. And it seems that when they approach 25 years, the actor separates from them.
Then will he stay with the young Eden Polani until this age? The answer should be known in less than 6 years, if the couple holds until then.
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