Leo Rex, famous Youtubeur, found dead in mysterious circumstances in Thailand: an investigation is opened

Eva Deschamps / February 2, 2022

American fitness YouTuber Laith Abdallah Algaz, known by the pseudonym Leo Rex, died in Pattaya, Thailand under mysterious circumstances. The man from Colorado was 34 years old.


On Jan. 31, Charles Anthony Hughes, 40, a friend of the YouTuber, discovered the body after Algaz failed to return his friends' phone calls, Viral Press reported. Hughes, known as Dr. Huge online, entered Algaz's home in eastern Thailand using a spare key and found Algaz's lifeless body in a bedroom. He immediately called the police.


According to authorities, the man was found lying on his stomach, wearing a black shirt and nothing else from the waist down. He was losing blood through his mouth and nose, according to authorities, who pronounced the vlogger dead at the scene.


Algaz's apartment was a mess, with papers and clothes strewn everywhere. His bathroom shelves and toilet were demolished, as if in a raid, the New York Post reports.


Police also found a variety of drugs, including sleeping pills, steroids, cannabis, anti-anxiety medication and antidepressants.


Hughes said his friend often stayed home in front of the computer. Algaz's friend, Aicha Humera Rattanaphan, 25, said "he lived alone in that room" and "didn't have many visitors. »


Before his death, Algaz boasted of having more than 123,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, called Leo and Longevity, where he frequently posted exercise videos. In his most popular tutorials, which garnered thousands of views, the YouTuber divulged purported secrets to enlarge the penis.


Police said they were reviewing CCTV footage and vowed to question suspects in the case. "We will question the victim's friends and a woman who had stayed with him before his death," said a local police captain, Sombat Kaewmulsuk, adding that foul play had not been ruled out.


He said, "The room appeared to have been disturbed, so it is possible that someone else was with him before he died or that the victim was distressed in some way."


However, Kaewmulsuk implored the public "not to jump to conclusions until a full examination has been conducted. »


According to Le Parisien, the man suffered from bipolar disorder. Algaz's body was taken to a forensic center for an autopsy. The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok has been informed of his death so that they can contact his family.

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