Kim Kardashian will soon play a character in "American Horror Story": it is her first role in a series

Sylvie Claire / April 11, 2023

The American star Kim Kardashian, who gained worldwide fame with her reality show, announced Monday that she would take on a new role, this time of composition but still on the small screen, by joining the cast of the cult series "American Horror Story ».
The accomplished businesswoman and social media queen posted a short promotional video, letting her nearly 352 million followers on Instagram know that she would be starring in season 12 alongside actress Emma Roberts. The video, as brief as it is mysterious, divulges little information about her role or the storyline of the series. All we hear is a voice whispering "Emma and Kim are tricky ».
But, according to trade magazine Variety, Kim Kardashian will play one of the leading roles in season 12, and her character was written specifically for her.
The reality show "The Incredible Kardashian Family", which chronicled for 20 seasons the tribulations of her very rich family, had propelled her to the forefront in 2007. Her private life has since been scrutinized in great detail by the tabloids, which have, for example, intensively covered her marriage to rapper Kanye West - and then their divorce.
Kim Kardashian, 42, has used her fame to build a business empire, from underwear to cosmetics. She appeared in a few movies in the late 2000s, and recently lent her voice to a character in the animated film "Patrol." But "American Horror Story" will be her first role in over a decade, and probably her most substantial.
This multiple award-winning series is composed of independent seasons, focusing on different stories and locations. Its cast often includes celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett.
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