Kim Kardashian becomes the face of Balenciaga: fashion searches on the web explode

Eva Deschamps / February 4, 2022

It took only three photos signed Stef Mitchell to shake the internet searches related to fashion.
This Tuesday, February 1, the luxury brand launched its new campaign and, at the same time, made official its collaboration with reality TV star Kim Kardashian. On the latter's Instagram profile, the publication has already been liked more than a million times in one day.
Neither one nor two, the public has rushed to soak up the clothes and accessories worn by the billionaire. The Lovethesales platform has actually published some impressive numbers. The daily report is unequivocal: in one day, searches for leopard coats have increased by 513%, those for fluorescent green bags by 325% and for oversized black coats by 233%. A successful campaign launch.
Among the celebrities who share the poster with Kim Kardashian, we also find Isabelle Huppert. The French actress was already in collaboration with Balenciaga last year. Justin Bieber is also part of the new casting of the luxury brand.


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