Kate and William's first joint portrait unveiled

Steph Deschamps / June 25, 2022

A new portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been released. The royal couple had the opportunity to view the painting by British portrait artist Jamie Coreth during its public exhibition on Thursday at the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University.
Prince William was very happy to discover the work.  After looking at the painting, he said, It's pretty big. And thanked the artist Jamie Coreth saying it was amazing.
This is the first official joint portrait of the couple, and includes the use of a hexagonal architectural motif that can be seen on Cambridge city buildings.
During their visit, William and Kate met Coreth, the project's director, and Lady Sibyl Marshall, wife of the late Sir Michael Marshall, who originally proposed the idea for the portrait.
Jamie Coreth is described on his website as one of Britain's leading portrait artists who focuses on the character of his models, evoking the feeling of their presence in his work.
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