Justin Bieber soon to be a father? This strange interaction filmed with his wife that raises questions

Sylvie Claire / September 15, 2021


This Monday evening, the top of the show business was given appointment on the red carpet of the Met gala in New York. And the behavior of the Bieber couple has raised questions. Indeed, Justin Bieber's fans think that the singer could soon become a father. 
During this interaction filmed and published on the Twitter account of Vanity Fair, we can see Justin and his wife Hailey posing in front of the dozens of photographers present.
Suddenly, the 27-year-old pop star tenderly places his hands on his wife's belly and the 24-year-old model can be seen removing her husband's hands from her stomach shortly after placing them there which makes you wonder if the first Bieber baby is expected in 2022.
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