Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married

Steph Deschamps / July 19, 2022

This Saturday, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez said yes in Las Vegas, 3 months after their engagement. And a few hours after this great moment, the star wanted to confide some details about his feeling to the subscribers to the newsletter of his site, On the JLo.
We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is pleasant. And it turns out that love is patient. Twenty years patient. Exactly what we wanted. Last night we flew to Vegas, lined up with four other couples to get a license, all on this same trip to the wedding capital of the world, she explained. The 2 stars indeed had a love affair years ago before they parted ways... only to find each other and say.
We just made it to the little white chapel at midnight. They kindly stayed open for a few more minutes, let us take pictures in a pink Cadillac convertible, used of course in the past by the king himself, but if we wanted Elvis to be there, we would have had to pay extra, and he was already in bed, explains the singer and actress.
They promised to wear their ring for the rest of their lives. Jennifer Lopez finally tells her joy of how her marriage to Ben Affleck went.
It was the most beautiful wedding we could have imagined. The one we had dreamed of long ago, and made real. When love is real, the only thing that matters in a marriage is the promise to love, to care, to understand, to be patient, loving and kind to each other. That's what we have. And much more than that. It was the best night of our lives, she finally wrote.
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