Jean-Claude Van Damme is the subject of a judicial investigation for acts of indecency

Sylvie Claire / April 22, 2022

The actor Jean-Claude Van Damme - Jean-Claude Van Varenberg in his real name - is currently the subject of a judicial investigation for acts of morality, Sudinfo and Het Nieuwsblad reported Friday.
A 33-year-old woman filed a complaint against the 61-year-old star following a party at the Imperial Private Premium Bar Brussels dating back to August 20, 2021. The Brussels prosecutor's office can confirm that there is an ongoing file against Mr. V. V. for facts of indecent assault, said the spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutor's office, Sarah Durant.
Like any suspect, he benefits from the presumption of innocence. In the interest of the investigation, the Brussels public prosecutor's office will not make any further comment. For his part, the actor's agent, Patrick Goavec, said there is no comment to be made since there is no ongoing case. You know, there are plenty of victims who file complaints against artists. We also get dozens of phone calls a day to reach Jean-Claude. A lady complaining about a situation? It's possible. I don't see the artist doing that. He is very careful, he is married, he has children, concluded Mr Goavec.
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