Izzie Rodgers, the influencer who breaks the codes and who made her imperfections a signature

Steph Deschamps / April 3, 2022

We are moving away more and more from the fixed and smooth beauty canons. Today, fashion runways are opening up to curves, atypical physiques are being looked at more, the dictate of thinness is less omnipresent... And fortunately!
This reality, Izzie Rodgers has understood it well and decided to dig a little deeper. This influencer denounces through her Instagram publications the hypocrisy of photos, retouching and filters that hide the truth and makes fun of them (the famous Instagram vs reality).
She who indicates to explore her self-esteem assumes totally her body, her small bulges, the acne which covers her face, in short her imperfections of true young girl. Regularly, she poses in light outfits that let a complex-free image shine through. And it feels good!
Izzi Rodgers' message? Let's take ownership! And he's already passed for 194,000 followers on Instagram.
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