I've been with billionaires all my life: Julia Fox responds to criticism of her relationship with Kanye West

Sylvie Claire / February 3, 2022

Since their meeting in late 2021, Julia Fox and Kanye West is the most publicized couple of the moment. Seen at the Paris Fashion Week in looks entirely in jeans, the two lovebirds are inseparable. While some believe that the famous rapper uses the American star to make his ex-wife Kim Kardashian jealous, others believe that it is Julia Fox who uses Kanye West for his money. Several Internet users also accuse him of copying the style of Kim Kardashian, after sharing an outfit on his Instagram account. It is seen there in a pristine blue mold. The ex-wife of Kanye West promoted the perfume KKW in a very similar outfit. This did not fail to make the Internet users react.
In an effort to silence critics, Julia Fox explained her relationship with the American rapper in a new episode of her Forbidden Fruits podcast. It's funny because all this attention is on me, but I really don't care. People say, 'Oh, you're doing this for money, influence, fame. ' Honey, I've been with billionaires my whole life, let's face it, she said.
In a previous interview for Interview Magazine, she gave some details about her history with the rapper. I'm so used to not being treated well in relationships, that I always expect him to disappoint me, because he makes a lot of big promises, and I wonder how he's going to keep them. But he always keeps them, she had related. When I met Kanye, it was the most natural and visceral attraction I've ever experienced. I felt really safe with him, the 32-year-old actress clarified.
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