Imminent divorce for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Kim would have hired a famous lawyer

Sylvie Claire / January 6, 2021



Did Kim Kardashian have a good resolution to end her relationship with Kanye West for good in 2021? After months of rumors and analyzes of signs to this effect by the media, things would accelerate.


We explained it to you here, the understanding within the couple formed by the star of reality TV Kim Kardashian and the American rapper is at its worst.


The same lawyer as for her previous divorce


Today, the 40-year-old entrepreneur has reportedly hired Laura Wasser, a highly regarded celebrity divorce lawyer recommended by Hollywood stars. She was also the one who took care of her divorce from Kris Humphries. This divorce is happening now because Kim has grown a lot. She's serious about passing the bar and becoming a lawyer, she's serious about her campaign for prison reform. Meanwhile, Kanye is talking about campaigning for the presidency and other crazy stuff, she's just had enough, a source close to the couple told People magazine.


She's done with him


At the media page Six, another source specifies: They remain discreet, but they are finished. Kim has hired this lawyer and they are in talks.


Kanye West is said to have spent the holidays at his $ 14 million Wyoming ranch. According to the same source, Kim asked Kanye to go there so that they could live separate lives and calmly sort things out to separate and divorce. She's done with him.

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