If a creator's behavior harms our community, we take action: YouTube sanctions Norman Thavaud

Steph Deschamps / December 11, 2022

The channel of the videographer targeted by an investigation for rape and corruption of minors has been demonetized by the platform.
"We consider sexual harassment in all its forms as unacceptable," reports a YouTube spokesperson to BFMTV. A statement made on the sidelines of the investigation for rape and corruption of minors that targets Norman Thavaud. The video artist is the third French youtuber in number of subscribers. In addition to taking a rather logical stance against harassment, the platform takes a strong measure: demonetize the channel of the concerned.
For behavior outside of our platform, we strongly advise victims to report to the appropriate law enforcement or judicial authorities. If we find that a creator's behavior, on or off YouTube, is harming our users, our community, our employees or our ecosystem, then we take additional steps to protect them." From now on, no more ads will be shown on Norman's channel. This means the creator will no longer receive money for his videos.
YouTube claims to have removed 60,000 videos for harassment in the last three months. Other videographers such as ExperimentBoy (accused of underage corruption) and Marvel Fitness (convicted of harassment) have also had their channels demonetized. 
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